Bitcoin Price: Bear Market Reversal

Cutting straight to the chase, bitcoin price has undergone a massive correction. A long overdue correction at that. The higher the price rise when a correction is expected the deeper the correction when it does happen. And it has indeed happened, it’s still happening and is expected to reverse any day or time now (2nd Read more about Bitcoin Price: Bear Market Reversal[…]

2018: Trends to expect

The Cryptocurrency market (“market”, “cryptomarket” or “the market”) is dynamic; it evolves with world geopolitics. It will be accurate to state that cryptomarket growth is directly linked to parameters of the global financial markets. This is because the market only grows when value is moved from one asset class to another. At this moment in Read more about 2018: Trends to expect[…]

Bitcoin Price: Bear Dominance Expected in Nov. 2017

Bitcoin on the whole has been and looks to be in a long-term bull market. Clearly the general direction is ‘up’, with the occasional, expected dips which are always followed by quick price recovery. This unending uptrend is not unconnected with the reason why more and more bitcoin naysayers are sprouting up every now and Read more about Bitcoin Price: Bear Dominance Expected in Nov. 2017[…]